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01 September 2007 @ 06:09 am

 Why am I up right now? I really want to be in bed asleep. I woke up yesterday at 5am and tried to go back to bed for a bit, but that just didn't work. And now it's 6am. I think it's the whole 'I wake up around this time during the week, so why should the weekends be any different' mentality that my body now has. That or the extremely weird dream about my ex I just had. I hate when these type of  dreams sneak up on you. 
 I was in a dollar store with my hubby and I saw him down the aisle with his incredibly pregnant wife and I tried to duck away from him. Then the aisle seemed to shrink and you could totally see me, but I still tried to hide. The scene changed quickly and I was at my work and I was in the Pre-K building. I felt totally at home and so I was sitting there reading to a child sitting on my lap. And my ex walks in and I realize it's his kid. I have this moment where I realize that I have nothing against his family, just him for being such a douche. And there he is, still acting like a douche, threating to remove his child from school because of me. And his wife is completely upset because she knows it's ridiculous. He was acting like a I was evil and would poison his kid's mind, and I was so embarassed and unamused. But I woke up feeling that the dream was sort of true. My feelings are completely neutral. And working at my job has taught me lots of patience and understanding, especially towards kids.
Ugh, it's all so stupid. But it's weird to have dreams that actually make you realize important stuff. 

The word for today is: realize. 

I need a thesaurus. 

AND some sleep!

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