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19 February 2007 @ 03:32 pm
naps are awesome  
 I need another nap! I just woke up from one, and I am so groggy, I just want to got back to sleep.  

 It was a quiet weekend of mostly staying in and cleaning house. we did hang out on Saturday with Adria and John which was cool. We ate  at a lil' restaurant and watched The Honeymoon Killers which was a trippy lil' flick. And Sunday we ran a couple of errands and cleaned up a lot. The place is still messy though. It's mainly the living/dining room area. I hate being sloppy, but we seem to attract clutter. 
 Ok, I have to clean up a bit and get ready to pick up my hubby. 

 Cause I miss him. 

  A lot.
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